Grant Applications & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the Massachusetts Woman’s Home Missionary Union. Grant awards will be announced mid-October.

We ask you to follow our minimal guidelines:

  • Applying agency must be a 50l(c)3 non-profit. (Provide, as requested, the IRS tax exempt status documentation.)

  • Provide evidence of compliance regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and non- discrimination policies with respect to employees and volunteers.

  • Provide a list of other funding sources and levels of support including in-kind support.

  • Provide a list of Board Members with addresses.

  • Maximum grant award is $7500 per year per program.

  • Provide a personal success story that best illustrates the positive impact your program has had on one individual or one family, and/or the community as a whole. Limit your response to one page or less.

Grant Application Window: May 1 through July 31. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 31st.

Program Funding Guidelines

Massachusetts Woman’s Home Missionary Union grants address a wide range of concerns, and support a broad and balanced array of programs and services.

  • In keeping with MWHMU bylaws, the grants considered will meet the needs of women and children, which also include families. Needs are defined as spiritual, health, social and physical welfare.

  • Of prime importance, though not exclusively considered, are programs that give services which are ongoing and provide direct services that affect and would help improve the quality of life of women/children/families.

  • Evidence must be provided of the organization's financial stability. This will be clearly stated financial information, which includes only last year's Actuals, this year's Budget and year- to- date Actuals for both the total organization and the program in question, (see sample, attached)

  • Particular consideration should be given to grass-root organizations without access to other funding sources.

  • Requesting program must serve a population in the U.S.A., preferably in Massachusetts.

  • Preference will be given to organizations with a UCC relationship.

  • Organizations can only receive one grant annually. However, in subsequent years, a further request might be considered if it is for a program with a different focus.

Key Factors in Evaluating Organizations Effectiveness


General Instructions to Complete the Form

SERVICES - the importance to the community of the service provided. Does the program attempt to encompass a variety of service objectives such as prevention, treatment, promotion of constructive values, family stability, etc? Does the program make the community as a whole, a better place?

SERVICE AREA/TARGET GROUP - the importance of the program to its community or target group.

MANAGEMENT - the importance of strong management. Emphasis is on agencies that have capable and active boards of directors and knowledgeable executive staff. Agencies should also demonstrate a willingness to use resources in collaboration with other organizations for an increased impact.

FINANCES - the importance of sound financial management. Emphasis is on the ability to keep operating expenses within manageable program limits, and that could have a leveraging effect on attracting other resources or sources for funding.

ACCOUNTABILITY - the importance of clear and accurate program objectives, costs, and results. Emphasis is on effective services provided for the target population through measurable objectives.

Please read through the application before beginning.

  • Apply online, using form above.

  • Your application must be completed as requested.

  • Funding requests made on previous year's forms will not be accepted.

 Fill out the form completely and correctly. All questions must be answered using the application format.

  1. Do not include any additional stories, articles, letters of support or information beyond what is requested.

  2. Be direct in your answers, and avoid lengthiness.

  3. Complete all pages of the application including only the required/requested documentation.

  4. Font may be no smaller than 10. Do not underline answers to questions.

  5. Make 15 double sided copies of the application.

  6. Hold each copy together with attachments with a large paper clip .

  7. Do not use special covers or separate envelopes.

Applications not complying with Requirements for Grant Application will not be reviewed.